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Inaugral Function

posted Dec 7, 2012, 3:54 AM by LC Kapse






1.9.30AM-10.00AM           Fellowship

2.10.00AM                        Prayer by Mr. Swaminathan

3.10.10AM                        Welcome Song by PID Affected Children

4.10.20AM                        Welcome Speech and Introduction of Mrs. Rukhsana

5.10.30AM                        Inauguration by Lighting Lamp by

                                         Honorable Minister for Health and Family Welfare,

                                         GoK, Shri Arvind Limbaval, Dr Surjit singh

                                         and other Dignitaries.

6.10.40AM                         Address By Shri Arvind Limbavaliji,

7.10.50AM                         Presidential address by Shri A B Patil

8.11.00AM -11.15AM        Keynote Address by Dr Surjit Singh

9.11.15AM –11.45AM       Address By  Other Chief Guests

9.11.45AM-12.15PM          Honoring the Donors & VIPS

10.12.15-12.25PM             Vote of Thanks by Sri L C Kapse

11.12.25PM                       National Anthem

12.12.45Pm-2.00PM          Lunch

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