Urvi Srirangam

 Age    4 years
 Date of Birth    09-11-2012
 Father's Name    Kishore Kumar
 Mother's Name    Bhavya
 Address    309, 8th D main, Srinidhi layout,
    V-pura, Bangalore - 560097
 Father's Occupation    Software Engineer
 Treatment    5 Grams IVIg every 21 days
 Father's Contact No    +91-9611022244

Medical History
Urvi was fine till 5 months of age, then we noticed skin rashes which started with lower limbs and then later was also seen in upper limbs, hands and face. Stomach and back was not affected. Then she had ear infection at age of 11 months bilateral, purulent thick. Right ear discharge disappeared after 15 days and left ear after 2 months of treatment. Then she got a fever at 1 year 2 months of age for 14 days which was documented up to 105 F, not associated with chills and rigors. During the treatment of the fever, various tests were done (Skin biopsy, Immunoglobulin levels, etc) at IGICH which resulted in the Primary Immune Deficiency.

We were referred to take her to PGI, Chandigarh for further investigation. They confirmed that she has Hyper IgM Syndrome and advised to give IVIG every 21 days.