Mohammed Hassan

 Age     13 years
 Date of Birth     16-12-2003
 Father's Name     M H Abdul Rahman
 Mother's Name     Fouziya
 Address     Main road, Napoklu,
    Kodagu District
 Father's Occupation     Agriculturist
 Treatment     15 Grams IVIg every 21 days
 Father's Contact No     +91-9448147224,    +91-9845985539

Medical History
Mohammed was born normal and he was fine till the age of 4 months. From the age of 4 months, he has been suffering from recurrent infections like pneumonia, ear infection, knee inflammation, cold, cough, diarrhea due to which the little boy was hospitalized many times and had to undergo several surgical treatments on his left knee due to severe inflammation, physiotherapies as he is not able to bend nor stretch his left leg due to inflammation and much more. He was treated by well known doctors of Mangalore, Mysore and also Bangalore, but they were unable to diagnose the cause for these infections.

In the month of November 2009, the child suffered from inflammation in the right knee due to which he was rushed to CHANRE REUMOTOLOGY AND IMMUNOLOGY CENTRE, BANGALORE wherein Dr. Dharmanand and Dr. ChandraSekar confirmed that the boy is suffering from IG deficiency. Dr Dharmanand suggested us to consult Dr. Surjit Singh, pediatric immunologist from PGI, Chandigarh. There at PGI various tests were conducted and confirmed as Brutons-XLA disorder and advised 400mg per kg body weight of IVIG injections every 3 weeks throughout his life.