Akarsh Kapse

 Age     22 years
 Date of Birth     4-01-1994
 Father's Name     LC Kapse
 Mother's Name     Rekha Kapse
 Address     No. 95, SREE KRUPA, Avenue road,
    Bangalore - 560002
 Father's Occupation     Business
 Treatment     25 Grams IVIg every 21 days
 Father's Contact No  

Medical History
Akarsh was born on 4-01-1994 with a normal weight and absolutely normal as any other child till 5 months. From the age of 6 months, he started having recurrent infections leading to respiratory problems and Gastro Enteritis. The frequency of the episodes of infections was 2 to 3 times every months requiring treatment with antibiotics. He had episodes of 4 major infections.

1. At 2 years 2 months high fever, rashes and respiratory distress found to have severe neutropenia treated with antibiotics, plasma transfusion condition improved with nearly 2 weeks of hospitalization.

2. At the age of 4 years had an attack of pneumonia requiring hospitalization for administration of antibiotics.

3. At the age of 4 ½ years had severe infection and Absis due to pseudomonas sepsis at the Calf’s muscles of the Left leg. Severe hospitalization was required to treat this infection with antibiotics, GMCSF along with regular drainage followed by skin grafting. Subsequently had poor growth of lower limb and started to work on toes.

4. At the age of 5 years again had a attack of pneumonia requiring hospitalization for administering   ANTIBIOTICS by IV.

All the above treatments and hospitalization were given at St. Johns hospital Bangalore. After which he was referred to CMC, VELLORE for further investigation. At CMC Vellore as he was diagnosed as a patient of primary immune deficiency with very low levels of Immuno – Globulins. This is also known has Hypo gamma globulinema (Brutons Disease). For Further confirmation and for other related tests was referred to PGI Chandigarh.
There at PGI various tests were conducted and confirmed as Brutons disease and advised 400mg per kg body weight of IVIG injections every 3 weeks.