Our Mission
  • Create awareness among the general public about the disorder,  and educate  about available diagnosis and treatment methods. 
  • Conduct  awareness events under the guidance of Medical fraternity.
  • Conduct camps so that Parents can communicate and share with each other.
  • Extend help as well as support to children undergoing treatment in hospital .
  • Ensure to the extent possible timely availability of Medicine for these patients at low cost or at least competitive prices.
  • With all above endeavors our Aim is to improve the quality of life of people with Primary immunodeficiency Disorder

  •  To serve the families who have lost hope by providing necessary information about diagnosis, treatment and instill hope in bringing up children like other normal kids
  • Collect data about all such patients suffering from PID
  • Appeal to the government authorities to educate parents about PID at all hospitals
  •  Appeal to the government to create a database registry of PID patients across India.
  • Appeal to the government to declare “human immunoglobulin as life saving drugs and exempt from central / state taxes
  •  Appeal to the government to create facilities to manufacture “human immunoglobulin to make available this medicine locally instead of depending on imports.
  •  Appeal to state government to have an immunology research department at all major hospitals.